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Adjustable Pedestal, Rooftop Terrasse, Street Terrasse -

Here is an example of a finished project using the 2'X2' Cumaru Deck Tiles from the PRESTIGE SERIES. See how nicely the wood fits in with the brick of the house as well the trees and landscape. With the PRESTIGE SERIES, you will have a very durable product (up to 50 years), but the installation will be quick and easy. Don't hesitate any longer, order your tiles now and get them shipped directly to your door.

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Adjustable Pedestal, Trade Show -

Here is an example of a booth we created at the POOL SPA&PATIO SHOW 2015.  Our booth was made out of 4'X4' Acacia tiles, that were quickly and easily assembled together (4 hours with 2 men). Even the back wall was done using the same tiles. You can use it as your booth and then make your office or backyard deck with it! Imagination and creativity are the only limits to this product!    

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