4'X4' Modular Plywood Floor Deck (cassette deck type)

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 We are proud to present our new low cost products with no compromise in quality.

The 4X4 modular plywood floor decks are used to create leveled floors in a expedite fashion. The system is compatible with the Cedar deck system which can be a great way to create carpeted tent flooring and fancy cedar deck areas.

The system can be leveled using wood cribbing and the union clip, but you can also use our leveling pedestal supports. For a more robust or severe slope tent flooring you can use the leg bracket with the legs.

You can select regular BC Fir plywood or hexagrip plywood.

We also sell the frame only if you want to do it yourself.

Meets US, CAN, USA. & International building codes with a resistance of 100 lbs per sqft or 500KG/sqm. Ideal for tent floorings, stages, tiered seatings & rolling risers. With a 2.25:1 safety factor.