Tent Flooring Cassette Deck

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Cassette decks are the perfect solution for tent flooring, events, VIPs or show flooring.  They are the ideal mix between the classic 100% wood deck tiles and our standard stage decks.

The system can be used with the union clips or the quad union clips  when leveling devices are not necessary.

When leveling devices are necessary, the leg brackets and leveling jacks can be used.

stage reinforcement bracket

Another way to level the system, is by using the plastic pedestal system.

togo  compare to buzon plastic pedestal


The cassette product offers a robust sub structure made of premium 6063 aluminium with a top quality Canadian Red Cedar finish. The cedar won't rot.

The modules come standard without any oil finish. On demand, we can pre-oil your decks for a fixed fee of 2$ per square foot.

We offer a broad range of oil finishes for outdoor uses.