Wire Mesh Birch Portable Stage Deck Modules (SB Series)

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This non-skid and durable finish is by far the best value on the market for an entry level stage deck. This plywood core is perfect for wet locations and will last very long.

The 18mm plywood is composed with 13 layers of premium birch and bonded with a marine glue. the bottom of the plywood is sealed with a click black finish easy to wash while the top is sealed with a non skid wire mesh.

The ''wire mesh'' term means that the plywood is protected with a fiber glass wire mesh film on top, which offers a greater resistance to scratching and also offers a great slip resistance with snow and rain. 

It can be easily washed with a pressure washer or a brush.

It can also be painted over time but you will loose the non skid feature of the plywood.

The SB series is the heavy duty premium portable stage deck series that offers ratings from 100 lb/sqft to 300 lb/sqft. This is the ultimate product for stages, tiered seating, heavy duty event flooring and rolling risers. The premium aluminum decks will not rust.  This deck is very versatile, durable, safe and cost effective. Available in different sizes. This product utilizes our patented union clips. Roto locks are no longer needed. See our video below to see how the system works. 

Our product is way faster to install compared to: Steeldeck, Quik Stage, StageRight, Scapin, Unisson, Prolyte or the Staging Dimensions systems.  Especially for stage installations in a severe slope, our system is exponentially faster due to its light weight and union clip system that reduces the amount of stage legs up to 60% in most cases. 

no more need for roto lock aka as  coffin lock

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SB 1'X4', SB 2'X2', SB 2'X4', SB 2'X8' are rated at 300 lb/sq.ft.

SB 4'X4', SB 4'X8' are rated at 220 lb/sq.ft.

SB 2'X6' is rated at 200 lb/sq.ft.

SB 4'X6' is rated at 100 lb/sq.ft.

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New non-skid rubber corners for easy stacking.

New replaceable components (just unbolt and bolt a new part).