Almond 100% Solid Epoxy Kit 4,5L # 431 Includes : 1x (842315052011) & 1x (BASE-431-500ML)

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The kit includes:  1 Clear Epoxy Kit 4,5L (842315052011) & 1x Almond Dye (BASE-431-500ML)

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100% solids epoxy TO/GO kit is made in Canada

  • Specialized product
  • Ultra-gloss finish
  • Low-odour
  • Resists hot tires, pickup trucks and oil/gas
  • Protects concrete against chipping

Average Coverage: 250 sq. ft. but can vary between 60 sq. ft. and 250 sq. ft. depending on type of surface and selected colors. Read below for more information,

Consult our online user guide before use.

The kit includes:

  • Nitrile gloves
  • Stirring rod
  • Vinyl flakes
  • Epoxy resin – 3 L. hardener – 1.5 L.
  • Dye with selected color

DANGER: Contains products that may be harmful. Read warnings on all containers prior to use.

Color Average Coverage :

  • Standard colours (first coat) cover about 400 sq. ft. (5-mil thick)
  • Standard colours (second coat) covers a maximum of 250 sq. ft. (8-mil thick)
  • Clear epoxy on a smooth surface covers about 250 sq. ft. (8-mil thick)
  • Clear epoxy on a textured surface (flakes) covers about 100 sq. ft. (20-mil thick)
  • Safety colours cover a maximum of 125 sq. ft. (16-mil thick)
  • Metallic colours cover a maximum of 60 sq. ft. (32-mil thick)*

*Note that metallic colours are not recommended if you are doing a small garage 200 sq. ft. or smaller. The metallic pigments are heavy and tend to slip towards the center for the garage.

For all colours:  Make sure to pour all of the container in the epoxy resin container (component A). Mix, scraping the sides and bottom of the bucket to get a homogeneous colour. If a coat requires more than one 4.5 L container, mix the containers together in a 5‑gallon pail and pour back into the original containers according to volume.

Read the instrutions carefully before use.