Cumaru Deck Tile (not oiled, pin holes and light scratches are normal)

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Ecological Cumaru Exotic Wood Deck Tile with a wooden frame. Applications: gazebo floor, roof-top terrace, carpet, condo terrace, over an existing concrete slab or deck, as an intimacy walls, as a dance floor, as a pathway and for many more DIY projects.

Advantages: Easy and quick to install, non-slippery when wet, dries fast, easy to maintain, gorgeous, rich and warm looking. Available in sizes 2'X2', 2'X4' and 4'X4'. Cumaru is a very durable wood comparable to IPE. It is a wood that can last up to 50 years.

The tiles are made out of real wood, therefore small imperfections and different color variations are normal.  We do apply a oil after manufacturing but you might need to oil again after installation.