Frame Only (With Ply Edge Lip Protector)(Fits 18 mm or 3/4 Plywood)

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This frames comes pre-machined and ready to assemble in a compact shipping box. 

Your can purchase your lumber and/or plywood locally and assemble your deck. You can do it yourself, this would be a perfect DIY project for a theater program or simply if you want to save money. Available in different sizes.

 The SB structure  allows you to choose the exact surface you are looking for. Use a fire rated plywood, a clear polycarbonate (Lexan) floor, composite material or even steel, aluminum or cement board. The SB frame has a lip to protect the side of a standard ¾ thick plywood for example.  

Or, tell us what surface you need and we can source it for you at the best price!

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SB 1'X4', SB 2'X2', SB 2'X4', SB 2'X8' are rated at 300 lb/sqft

SB 4'X4', SB 4'X8' are rated at 220 lb/sqft

SB 2'X6' is rated at 200 lb/sqft

SB 4'X6' is rated at 100 lb/sqft

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New non-skid rubber corners for easy stacking.

New replaceable components (just unbolt and bolt a new part).