Choral Riser made of 2'X8' & 2'X4' Decks modules

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These portable choral riser kit packages offer a quick and easy selection for mid size sets. Each level is 2' deep, using 2'X8' and 2'X4'  modules you can visit the Tiered seating sets if you are looking for deeper levels.

The Levels are attached with our pattented Drop down Clips which assure integrity of the system and spped when setting up.

Drop down clip

If you are looking for other dimensions, please use our Custom Stage Builder. You will be able to select the height variances, as well as the exact width and the exact number of rows and the deept of each row you are looking for. The builder also allows you to choose the desired modulus. 

The kits include: the deck modules, the fixed legs, and guardrails and necessary accessory's such as drop down clips, union clips and bracing

Height; for each row add 8''. 2 rows (16'') 3 rows (24''),  4 row (32''), 5 rows (40''), 6 rows (48'').

 Carts  and rear staircases and skirting are optionnal. 

 Consult the Tiered seating guide here to learn more about our systems.


Watch our Deck Builder Application video.  It will walk you through every step to create your personalized stage, tiered or rolling riser.


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