Beige Dye (BASE-999-500ML)

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This product is the dye only.

PERSONALIZED COLOR: EPOXY TO/GO offers a broad range of colors.  Standard colors (first coat) cover about 400 sq. ft. (5-mil thick) Standard colors (second coat) covers a maximum of 250 sq. ft. (8-mil thick) Clear epoxy on a smooth surface covers about 250 sq. ft. (8-mil thick) Clear epoxy on a textured surface (flakes) covers about 100 sq. ft. (20-mil thick) Safety colors cover a maximum of 125 sq. ft. (16-mil thick) Metallic colors cover a maximum of 60 sq. ft. (32-mil thick)  *NOTE that metallic colors are not recommended if you are doing a small a garage 200 sq. ft. or smaller. The metallic pigments are heavy and tend to slip towards the center for the garage. For all colors:  Make sure to pour all of the container in the epoxy resin container (component A). Mix, scraping the sides and bottom of the bucket to get a homogeneous color. If a coat requires more than one 4.5 L container, mix the containers together in a 5‑gallon pail and pour back into the original containers according to volume. READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE USE.