DTG-Lumber Adaptor

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The DTG-Lumber Adaptor is used to connect standard wood profile or aluminum sub frame to the DTG-Adjustable Pedestal. The DTG-Lumber Adaptor needs to be connected with one of the DTG-Adjustable Pedestal Supports  (which are available in different sizes).

NOTE: The Lumber Adaptator and the Pedestal can sustain a lot of load. However, the weakest link rapidly becomes the roof membrane of your rooftop. If you don't have accurate data of your roof, we normally suggest to use 1 device every 2' in each direction. 

*The item is the DTG-Lumber Adaptor ONLY. You can also purchase the different size pedestals with the Lumber Adaptor included. Please note that the Lumber Adaptor adds 10 mm height to your pedestal.