Top Bins for Up-Right Carts

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 These modular bins allow you fit 4 bins on top of the guardrail supports for carts, installed on our vertical carts.

Each bin kit comes with 2 sides and 1 bottom to enable the possibility to install only 1 bin. The size of 1 bin is 30'' wide by 14'' deep, by 6'' to 7.5'' deep.

Bin for stage legs

 Should you need to use the bin to carry longer tubes,  you can remove the middle sides (as shown here):

Stage deck cart

This solution allows you to configure your carts based on the management property needs or on the needs of the tour. 

The carts can be used to transport decks, guardrails, legs and accessories.

** NOTE THAT IF YOU WANT TO USE THE BINS, you will need to purchase the  guardrail supports for carts.  This product is made to order and lead time is 2-3 weeks.